Psalms Themes

Psalms Themes - The Bible's Psalms Have Several Major Themes:

Go to Psalms - Creation Theme

Go to Psalms - Exodus Theme

Go to Psalms - God's Kingship Theme

Go to Psalms - Imprecation Theme

Go to Psalms - Penitence Theme

Go to Psalms - Pilgrim Theme

Go to Psalms - Prophetic Theme

Go to Psalms - Victory Theme

Creation Psalms:

Psalm 8 Psalm 19

Exodus Psalms:

Psalm 78

God's Kingship Psalms:

Psalm 47 Psalm 93 Psalm 96
Psalm 97 Psalm 98 Psalm 99

Imprecation Psalms:

Psalm 7 Psalm 35 Psalm 55
Psalm 58 Psalm 59 Psalm 64
Psalm 69 Psalm 79 Psalm 109
Psalm 137 Psalm 139 Psalm 140

Penitence Psalms:

Psalm 6 Psalm 38 Psalm 51
Psalm 81

Pilgrim Psalms:

Psalm 84 Psalm 120 Psalm 121
Psalm 122 Psalm 134

Prophetic Psalms:

Psalm 2 Psalm 8 Psalm 16
Psalm 22 Psalm 40 Psalm 45
Psalm 72 Psalm 110 Psalm 118

Victory Psalms:

Psalm 18 Psalm 68

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