Psalm 119 - Affirmations

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* blessed 

* walking in God's ways

* praising and seeking God with my whole heart

* hiding God's word in mine heart, that I might not sin against him

* blessing the LORD

* taught by the LORD his statutes and delighting myself in them

* rejoicing in, delighting in, and finding counsel in God's testimonies

* meditating in God's precepts, and having respect unto his ways

* asking God to open my eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of his word 

* quicken by God according to his word

* heard and given understanding

* understanding the way of God's precepts

* talking of God's wondrous works

* chosing the way of truth 

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asking God to:

* make me to go in the path of his commandments

* incline my heart unto his testimonies, and not to covetousness

* turn away my eyes from beholding vanity

* quicken me in his way and in his percepts

* quicken me in his righteousness

* teach me good judgment and knowledge

* give me understanding, that I may learn his commandments

* quicken me after his lovingkindness

* order my steps in his word: and let not any iniquity have dominion over me

* deliver me from the oppression of man

* let my supplication come before him: deliver me according to his word

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* longing after and keeping God's precepts

* trusting in God's word, and hoping in his judgments

* keeping God's law continually for ever and ever

* seeking God's precepts

* speaking of God's testimonies

* delighting myself in God's commandments and his law

* meditating in God's statutes and percepts

* remembering the LORD, in the night, and have kept his law

* keeping God's words and commandments

* thinking on my ways, and turning my feet unto his testimonies

* making haste, and not delaying to keep God's commandments

* not forgotting God's law and commandments

* a companion of all them that fear the LORD, and of them that keep his precepts

* learning God's statutes and not forgetting them

* hoping in God's word

* meditating all day on God's testimonies

* refraining my feet from every evil way, that I might keep God's word

* not departing from God's judgments: for he has taught me

* walking with God's word as a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path

* hating vain thoughts: I love God's law

* hoping in God's word

* rejoicing in God's word

* praising God throughout the day

* experiencing great peace: I love God's law and nothing shall offend me

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