Psalm 23

by Anonymous

Psalm 23 it is forever reminding me of my late father. When we were growing up it was our family prayer at home in the morning and evening. We sang and shared all the verses and looked back and gave thanks to the lord. When taking a trip anywhere, the first thing before driving off we

will recite and sing and share the love of god he has in our family. I remember all the time I will tell others that I dont fear anything, even if an elephant can cross the road, I wont panic
because I am a child god, he will forever be protecting me. Even if I go through the big jungles nothing will eat me. It is so amazing that it still gives me lots of trust in whatever I do. If I start any project, like maybe painting and maintaning my house I first recite I shall not fear anything, whether I have money or not God will provide me with paint and labour.

Psalm 23 is like a shield to protects me from fear, sorrow, from being greedy if I have to offer anything to others who are in need. It protects me to always believe that God is there whereever we are, and teaches me to always start with a prayer before you start anything in life.

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