by Barry
(Godalming Surrey England)

This is a true story. In 2010 I was facing problems at work; I had made a mistake and was going to be disciplined. I went to the parish church and opened the Bible at random for guidance and my attention was drawn to Psalm 121 - particularly the last verse, verse 8 which refers to God being with us when we come and go. From this I construed that if I lost my job, God would take care of me. The disciplinary issue ran its course and I did not lose my job. Six months later consequent to matrimonial problems I visited the coast on my own for a day out. Whilst wandering among the charity shops a thought entered my mind that if I visited a particular chapel in Sussex the lectern Bible would be open at Psalm 121. I was fond of this particular chapel having visited it before for solace and it was only a short detour on my way home. I resolved to follow the hunch or as I believed, message, and went to the chapel/church named St Agatha's. Arriving I tentatively approached the lectern. Sure enough the Church Bible was open at Psalm 121. I froze. The odds were about 1 in 500. As I stood there transfixed I had the strong sense that my response was being observed and in particular that my experience was a source of merry humour to the onlooker as if to say this is small beer to the Father, so why be taken aback? I am so pleased that I responded to the inner intuitive prompt and hope that this true story will encourage someone somewhere.

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