Daily Positive Self Affirmations Sample

Following is my personal list of positive self affirmations. 

I have listed them here as sample affirmations.

Today, I Am:

in the present, and staying “in the moment”

saying “yes” to life

achieving my dreams

daring to win

living righteously


seeking to help others

expecting divine appointments

“standing” when all else fails

believing God will keep His promises

benefiting from God’s mercifulness and love

blessing God; blessing others

beautiful indeed

appreciated and loved by others

confident and assertive

humble and filled with humility

a winner who gets up after every fall

seeking wisdom and understanding

following my “Stella Polaris” and going northward

a dependable dedicated daily prayer partner

an authentic caring courageous friend

sharing hope

obedient and trusting

bold with meekness

experiencing life fully

with God’s hand on me

knowing my borders are enlarged by God

blessed beyond measure

kept from evil and harm, and protected from my enemies

believing that no weapon formed against me shall prosper

expecting a miracle

believing that something good is going to happen to me



able to do what God has called me to do

living under the shadow of the Almighty

walking as a child of the Most High God

having the secret petitions of my heart

Links to other Resources and Sites:

Following are other resources you may find helpful as you seek to live your best life now; one full of purpose and direction:


Positive-Personal-Growth.com offers help in many areas of Personal Growth Development. This site gives help and encouragement to enable you to begin your journey and achieve your inner personal growth.

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